Friday, January 25, 2013

3 Projects, 6 Months

I have a confession to make.

I have taken over the garage.

And not because I am so handy that I have turned it into my personal workshop.

An entire section of the garage is piled high with unfinished projects. Projects I keep meaning to get around to but somehow never do. And every time yard sale season comes around, I add a few more "projects" to the pile . . .

It's at the point now where I have told myself I am not allowed to bring home anymore finds that need work until I finish some of the ones I already have. I think it's time my husband got his garage back!

To keep myself accountable, I chose 3 projects and I am giving myself a deadline of 6 months to finish them and have them functioning in my home. If they aren't done in 6 months, I need to let them go and pass them on to someone else who can find the time to restore them.

Project Number 1.

This dresser has an amazing story; it was purchased by my grandparents when my mom was born and used in her room growing up. When my mom got married it went with her and she used it in my brothers' room, and then it became our dress up storage when my sister and I came along. When my sister was a teenager she claimed it for her room, and took it with her when SHE got married. It was in one of her children's rooms until they recently moved and I inherited it. When I refinish it, it will become my daughter's dresser. The same drawers that once held my mom's baby clothes will be housing all my daughter's little dresses and jeans . . .  how special!

Project Number 2

I told you I was taking over the garage! Yes, that pile on top of the table is all mine too.

This kitchen table was purchased for $75 on a Facebook swap site - it's nothing special, just your run of the mill oak pedestal table that a lot of families have. It's also in really bad shape and covered in crusted on food and crayon marks. I have grand plans of stripping and staining the top and painting the base. Our current kitchen table is in even worse shape and is very flimsy. This piece is so solid; I can't wait to finally move it into the dining room and say Adios to our terrible Ikea piece of junk!

Project Number 3

This piece was hard to photograph . . . its currently lodged somewhere in the middle of that giant stack of "projects" on top of the table. I picked up this huge, ornate looking frame at a yard sale. It had a plastic painting of moose drinking water out of a pond, but I saw the value in the frame itself and threw the tacky art away. I am undecided on what I want to fill the frame with, which is why it is still sitting in the garage. Part of me wants to have mirror cut to fit and hang it over our piano, and the other part of me wants to turn it into a chalkboard and hang it vertically in our kitchen somewhere.

6 months! I'm holding myself to it - I have 6 months to complete all three of these projects or I will pass them on to someone else. All 3 of them are favorite pieces of mine, so I know there is no way I will be able to let go of them. Hopefully this is the kick in the pants I need to get out there and actually work on them!

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